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Sizing + Bedale or Ashby

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Sizing for Barbour Ashby & Bedale?

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Hello all!

I've been looking into buying a Barbour for quite some time now, but I'm stumped on the sizing. I'm a size 35 chest normally, and I'm unsure whether I ought to size down on the Classic Bedale to 32 or 34, or if the Ashby XS is a better bet. I'm 5'7" and my arms aren't particularly long, so sleeve length isn't an issue. Unfortunately, none of the stores near me carry sizes that small, and I'm ordering from the UK and would hate to have to pay return shipping

Also this is my first post--excited to be here!
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I’m in school in Durham but without a car I’m afraid–or I would! My hometown unfortunately only has two retailers that carry Barbour within a 50 mile radius, and neither of them carry the XS Ashby or Bedale at a size smaller than 38 :/
I think I’m going to order the 34 Bedale or the XS Ashby–when I get them and try them out I’ll post an update! Thanks for the help everyone!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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