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Was measured for a Zegna MTM suit this morning. Obviously Zegna is most well known for their fabrics, but what struck me about the experience is the impressive range of options they offer, they really do allow you to effectively make your suit "bespoke." For example, you can choose:

--styles: a range of single and double breasted options. Eg, on single breasted you don't just choose two or three buttons, but have multiple style choices within each type (high, low, etc).
--buttons: working of course, bone, wide selection of plastic choices
--jacket pockets: flap, slit, slanted, etc. Also ticket pockets
--linings: probably 12+ choices of colour
--trousers: two pleats, no pleats, four pleats; two different pocket types
--jacket: single vent, double, no vent
--extra trousers, can also order material (silk?) in the trousers to protect areas of heavy wear

Some popular Saville Row options like coloured button holes aren't available, but it's a pretty impressive list. Confusingly, you can opt for a MTM from either the normal range (factory made in Switzerland and hand-finished) or the handmade Napoli range. I suspect a MTM from the Napoli range has more handwork than many Saville Row suits.

Overall, I was impressed with the process. In Australia Zegna have one "guru" who flies around to each of their shops and takes the MTM details---hopefully reduces the garbage in/garbage out risk.

Melbourne, Australia
Sorry to be negative but I can't find anything on that list that isn't standard MTM.
All MTM products I've worked with allow you to make all of these choices.
And I doubt if a Zegna MTM would have more hand work than a bespoke Savile Row suit wherever it's made.
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