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Zegna Brown Oxfords

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First, by way of my first post, let me extend a warm hello to this fantastic forum of folks and fans of men's fashion. I hope to learn how to look like a million bucks, while spending considerably less, from this extended family!

On to my question. I've spied a pair of Zegna Brown Oxford's on eBay that have piqued my interest. To date I have only purchased 1 Zegna item (of which at the time was all I could afford) a beautiful tie from the Zegna outlet in Orlando which I promptly left behind in a rental car in Sao Paulo, Br. Anyway....

What is the consensus on Zegna shoes? Good, bad, or otherwise. I'm a sucker for a beautiful brown capped toe oxford. Love the classic look. But before I make the leap on a bid would love to know other's experiences.

Thanks and thanks for having me here!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. Here's the link to the item on eBay:

I think the only way I would go down the "online" path of buying shoes were if they came at an exceptional price.
I think these are decent looking captoe bal.

IIRC, Zegna shoes are made by a joint venture between Zegna and Ferragamo called ZeFer to Ferragamo mainline standards (well below Ferragamo Tramezza, but much better Ferragamo studio. Blake constuction).

The seller has "best offer" option, btw.
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