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I'm visiting my parents over the Winter holiday and, while having a discussion with my mother about my recent romantic prospects, got on the subject of my sartorial sensibilities.

I generally wear plain front, cuffed khakis, an OCBD (in white, pink, light blue, or french blue), a nice pair of shoes (must wear socks with loafers--sensory issues), and a belt. I often don't bother to tuck the OCBD in, and I almost never wear a jacket.

I indicated that I probably ought to wear a jacket on a daily basis, or at least more often, and she insisted that I'd look like an "old man" if I began doing so.

I'm a few years under 30; I'm not exactly in my teens and while I may indeed still be on the young side, I don't think adding a jacket to my ensemble would make me seem too old.

Then again, this is the same woman who objects to my fondness for argyle socks.
Its been said here many times but theres no way you are too young to wear a jacket all of the time. I'm suprised you don't tuck your shirt in given your propensity for clothing. Like the esteemed Duck I am under 30 (just turned 26) and I wear a jacket almost everyday - more often than not I wear a suit and tie. Jump on in...
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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