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Around these parts, many of the wealthier young men don't dress like every average guy. Wearing a blazer isn't a signal that one is trying to be old, 'hip', trendy or pretensious. It's a signal that one cares enough about their appearance that they'd rather wear a tweed sports coat than a fleece hoodie. Wearing a tie means you'd rather put on a special decoration than go out and get a gold chain. It's a difference in personal style, not ageism.

I've worn a tie whenever I feel like it since freshman year. If weather permits (we're in the middle of winter right now, so daily I wear a leather bomber and a toque), I wear a suit or blazer/slacks combo. I don't do it every day, and I have been accused of "sartorial atrocities" by certain people. But I have a particular style which includes getting "dressed up" sometimes and still choosing to look good when "dressed down".

If I had only one message to impart, if you can look good at all times by wearing appropriate clothing, you will be able to get away with small touches that set you apart from the pack. Wearing a tweed or cordeuroy jacket is a good start, provided you also mix things up a bit. It's okay to wear a t-shirt, but not okay to wear nothing but t-shirts.

1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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