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Your White Dinner Jacket

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Hello all,

I recently bought a white dinner jacket and was wondering if I could get away wearing my velvet albert slippers with it, as if it were a black dinner jacket. Whatsmore, do peoplke prefer the clean look, or a flower through the lapel button hole?

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I have been planning for a long time to get myself a pair of velvet slippers with embroidered skull & crossbones to wear with my ivory dinner jacket. I have s&b cufflinks, suspenders, and black bow tie and I think the slippers would be a good finishing touch, saving my patent leather pumps for my tuxedo. Unfortunately, instead I've bought 2 watches, bespoke trousers (the only way to find fishtail backs anymore), a Caribbean cruise, and a 65" flat screen plasma instead of getting my slippers. But it will happen...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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