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Your White Dinner Jacket

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Hello all,

I recently bought a white dinner jacket and was wondering if I could get away wearing my velvet albert slippers with it, as if it were a black dinner jacket. Whatsmore, do peoplke prefer the clean look, or a flower through the lapel button hole?

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You will be following tradition if you wear your slippers to events you host in your home. A red or blue lapel flower with a white DJ is an elegant touch.
Understand, but...

Yes, I know traditionally the slipper are worn when entertaining at home, but it is not uncommon to see them out and about at function or at awards shows. But can it be done with the white jacket without looking like a fool?
I've got the dinner jackets (both black and white) and I've got the black velvet slippers (Del Toro's!). I cannot speak for what others can pull off in other locations, but out here in Hoosierville, the velvet slippers worn out of the home just don't cut it! Even when worn while hosting an event in the home, the slippers have been known to elicit less than favorable comment! ;)

Fair enough, I just can't stand patent leather shoes.
Fair enough, I just can't stand patent leather shoes.
Either black calf pumps ,or black calf plain toe bals are an accepted option. I would dye the soles though

No doubt there are other black calf plain plain toe bals
I have been planning for a long time to get myself a pair of velvet slippers with embroidered skull & crossbones to wear with my ivory dinner jacket. I have s&b cufflinks, suspenders, and black bow tie and I think the slippers would be a good finishing touch, saving my patent leather pumps for my tuxedo. Unfortunately, instead I've bought 2 watches, bespoke trousers (the only way to find fishtail backs anymore), a Caribbean cruise, and a 65" flat screen plasma instead of getting my slippers. But it will happen...
Why not white Velvet or Ivory Evening Pumps or Albert's ??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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