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...or Library? or sitting room? or whatever you wish to call it.

If money were no object, what would your refuge room look like. Not trying to turn this into a decorating forum (you know, feeling all empowered by the whole Women's forum, and all!!!) But since Andy mentioned it in the forum description, I just thot it would be fun to see how others see themselves "retiring to the parlor" for aperitifs?

I am just beginning to work on mine. It was formerly a "formal living area" No one has been in there for, oh, 7 years? So I think I'm going to put up "built-in" dark hardwood book shelves, move in a big desk, and maybe my leather furniture. Haven't progressed much more than that, but that's the general direction. Probably a hardwood paneled wall or 3. Maybe half-walls. Fireplace, perhaps? I don't have a chimney in there, so it would have to be one of the stand-alone types.

Do you already have a sanctuary in your home?
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