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What I wear:

Thermal underwear - synthetic. Cotton gets too clammy. Silk doesn't last well enough.

Shirt. Warm brushed cotton. Either guernsey sweater (oiled wool) or fleece. Waterproof jacket with lots of easily accessible pockets in which I can carry, knife, tool, biscuits, sweets, lip salve. Gloves - fingerless with mitten tops in neoprene. Hat - oiled wool tea cosy type which stays on my head.

Cord trousers (anything but denim which is horrible when wet). Waterproof over-trousers.

Sealskinz socks - waterproof and warm (and they won't rot your toes). Jelly shoes with cleated bottoms - because you may need to step in the water. Onboard they come off and I wear neoprene bootees with a grip on the bottom - over the socks. Warm feet = happy sailor :).

Lip salve. Moisturiser. Thermos flask with coffee. Compass. Whistle (on cord round neck). Torch. Sunglasses (if you're lucky). And a big grin :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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