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Forget the ski gear and the goose-down jacket. That stuff's not made for marine conditions. Get the best foulies you can. In additiona to H-H, Henri Lloyd, Gil and Musto all make fine products. Use synthetic fleece products for warmth with good base and mid-layers. Gloves are tough. It's damned near impossible to sail in ski gloves. I've tried. You should be able to get some neoprene gloves at your a marine outfitter. Wear a fleece hat. You may want ski goggles. For footwear, get some deck boots. Dubarry make the top of the line, but cheap rubber deck wellies will do the job, too.

This advice assumes you are sailing on a sizeable boat. If you are dinghy sailing, you'll need a good drysuit.

EDIT: If you're going to be offshore, forget the normal life jacket. Get auto-inflating suspenders with a tether and clip in. If you go over the side, your life may be measured in minutes.
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