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Wrinkled sleeves on suits

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I only wear Hugo Boss suits. I love the look and the fit of their suits; however, I have found that the sleeves of the suits tend to wrinkle after a long day of wear.

Why does this occur? Can it be corrected? Does this wrinkling effect occur on all suits? Or their some suits that are better wrinkle resistant than others, if so which ones?


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I generally sit in meetings all day. I do steam my sleeves to reduce the number of wrinkles at the end of the day. I would like to find Hugo Boss fitted/designed suits that do not wrinkle very often.
What type of manufacturers would you suggest?
Thanks for the great comments. What brand/label of suit do most of you wear?
Thanks for the advice on the Zegna traveller micronsphere suit and your comments on wrinkled suits. It does give me another viewpoint on the topic. I always like to appear very professional during my business meetings and thus, I hate see wrinkles appear on my suits (sleeves) as I think that it makes me appear messy and disheveled. :eek:
Thanks for all of the great comments.....
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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