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Wrinkled sleeves on suits

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I only wear Hugo Boss suits. I love the look and the fit of their suits; however, I have found that the sleeves of the suits tend to wrinkle after a long day of wear.

Why does this occur? Can it be corrected? Does this wrinkling effect occur on all suits? Or their some suits that are better wrinkle resistant than others, if so which ones?


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As much as I hate wrinkling, to some degree it is part of the nature of fabric. I'm not a die-hard fan of wrinkle-free anything, but the "Traveller Micronsphere" fabrics from Zegna work unbelievably well. Wools are very high-twist and fabric is treated to be stain-resistant. My standard blue blazer is Traveller Micronsphere and it has served me well.

Audrey Talbott once told me, "He who has the most wrinkles often has the most means..."

Though I'm pretty sure she was talking about the cool cats who live a life in boardroom suits and retire into a world of year-round linen, nevertheless I took it to mean one shouldn't get overly obsessed with appearing wrinkle-free 100% of the time.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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