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Wrinkled sleeves on suits

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I only wear Hugo Boss suits. I love the look and the fit of their suits; however, I have found that the sleeves of the suits tend to wrinkle after a long day of wear.

Why does this occur? Can it be corrected? Does this wrinkling effect occur on all suits? Or their some suits that are better wrinkle resistant than others, if so which ones?


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Your problem probably lies in the material of the suits ...

Many times in rtw suits, the manufacturer does not specify the cloth. The highest super number you should buy is a super 120. If you are wearing your jacket all day, You should probably get a super 100. These, of course, are wool suits. A linen suit will start to wrinkle as soon as you take it out of the closet and look at it.

You'll probably have to give up Hugo Boss to solve the problem. Check with the store where you bought the suits to find out what they are made of. This is a tricky problem since some manufacturers have a blend of wool and some other fabric, such as cashmere. While the cashmere helps with the drape, it can cause excessive wrinkles. Unless Boss changes the fabric it uses, this problem will probably not go away.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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