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Woolrich; Information That Can Save Your Life!

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Got a 60/40 parka recently. Came with this old Woolrich brochure. Thought I'd share it here (spread over a few posts, the pictures should load quite large)

Brown Wood Rectangle Font Tints and shades

Font Handwriting Rectangle Pattern Paper

Handwriting Font Paper Paper product Document

Sleeve Font Art Handwriting Pattern
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When have better internet, will read.

Grew up in El Cajon, California and you had to layer especially in the shoulder seasons, though Summer mornings could have some bite. Be in the fifties in the morning and then into the nineties for the high of the day. Thankful I learned this as came out here and at least in the Winter the same, see it on campus how folks dress for the high of the day and be shivering all morning. In short, works for any climate and sometimes in more than one season, just have to look at the daily temperature range and the temperature in the office or classroom, not just the daily high.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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