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Good evening:

About 4 years back I became obsessed with a wool cardigan by a designer in the UK called Folk that I'd discovered online (see attached photos of the sweater that I dug up via google search). I had done my due diligence--or so I thought--with deducing sight-unseen that size 5 would fit me at 6'/200 lbs/44" chest. I waited until a half-price closeout sale and swooped down on a size 5. The sweater finally arrived to me from the UK and...I should have ordered a size 4, which by that point was sold out. While the sweater might not be for everyone, I love the look. I can double-back the cuffs to make the sleeves work, but the body is simply too big: I'm swimming in it. Sadly, the cardigan has been relegated to the back of my closet.

Every winter it's the same routine: I try it on; stand in front of the mirror for a minute or so hoping that it fits better than I'd remembered, and then slink with it back to the closet where it sits for another year.

The notion of spritzing it with water and sticking it in the dryer seems precarious. From those of you with experience, can a crocheted cardigan like this be altered by a tailor? The main issues are the sleeves (which I can deal with as mentioned), and the fact that it hangs too low. I don't see how the length can be altered, but I welcome any/all advice. I would love to have this sweater fit like it does for the model in the photos.

Thank you for looking.

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