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I was in the area, so I stopped by Woodbury Commons for about an hour today. I only went to my 4 favorite stores (which are fortunately right near each other), but there are some great sales:

1. Brunello Cuccinelli : Spring merchandise arriving next week. Jackets and outerwear are reduced (most were under $1000); and all other sale stuff was an extra 50% off. Cashmere sweaters could be had for $250 - $500.

2. Loro Piana: Lots of sale items. 15% of most outerwear, with some 30% off. Good selection of leather at 50% off (which puts it around $1000, depending on piece). Lots of sweaters at an extra 30% off. If you are a big guy, they had a pile of shirts in xxl and xxxl for 80% off.

3. RL (the BL and PL store): lots of PL shirts 60% off (around $125) and tons of PL cashmere sweaters 60% off (around $175).

4. NM last call: Not much that I liked on sale, but descent quantity of Zegna, Kiton, Bamford, Brioni that came in from Bergdorf.

That was enough damage for the day, but I imagine there are plenty of other deals to be had too.

If you are in the area, it's worth a detour.

PS - Apologies for the duplicate, as I originally posted this in the trad form in error and didn't know how to move it.
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