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Women Who Dress Their Men

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How much influence do you -- or would you -- let the women in your life influence your clothing choices?

Some examples from today's Times:
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I would imagine that on this forum it would be more common for the gentleman to be more capable and qualified for providing constructive advice on his ladies choice of clothing.

Not that he ever would though, of course.
I don't think it is uncommon that wives purchase their husbands clothing.
If I was ever married (which I won't be, but hypothetically - if) then any attempt by my wife to buy me an item of clothing would be met with a particularly stern response.

Unless, of course, it was a personalised garment purchase equalling the magnitude of James Bond's Casino Royale dinner jacket. I'm sure you remember the scene.

Now, if ever there was a modern example of a lady purchasing clothing for a man, then that is it.
Good point. However, colour coordination for the fairer sex appears to be a more complicated affair than for us chaps. :icon_smile_big:

I mean... what gent in his right mind would dare combine more than two colours at any one time! :icon_pale:

I do sometimes contravene, however, when in an occasionally more feminine mood. :eek:
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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