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I may be 100% wrong here, but the Tuxedo seems to be enjoying a bit more popularity lately (on television, movies, etc...) I personally would only go with a shawl lapel, unless I found a peak lapel which I really just fell in love with...but I've noticed that at least 75% if not more of them which I see have notched lapels, so my question is; given the fact that many companies manufacture them, and factoring in the general public's ignorance on the subject, is it safe to say that some day the notched lapel "tuxedo" will become an accepted thing, and no onger looked down on as a bastardization of it's peak and shawl lapel cousins? I mean (for better or for worse)fashion movements have to start somewhere...

"When you wear lapels like the swellest of swells, you can pass any mirror and...
...You've either got or you haven't got style!!!"​
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