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Why? The most basic question of them all. On this forum we often discuss the "what", but rarely the "why". Perhaps it is in order to narrow this question down a bit; I am specifically interested in "Why do you dress the way you do?". Having read this forum for a short while, I have noticed that many of the members take great care to dress properly. But what reasons does each individual have for this? Is it a requirement of the profession? Is it a desire to make a good first impression on strangers? Is it a desire to appear professional at the workplace? Is it a way of standing out from the crowd? Is it a desire to underline social status or some deeply held values?

Out of pure curiosity, I thought I would start a thread where people can tell why they dress the way they do, and what it means for them.

Myself: I work in a field where a suit and tie is a requirement. Thus I perceive dressing properly as part of my work. In addition, I wish to be perceived as efficient, trustworthy, and credible. This aspiration guides me to choosing conservative clothes. For example, I cannot see myself wearing a pink dress shirt or extreme shoes, as this would make others see me as a "dandy", which would be harmful for the credible and professional image that I wish to convey. My way of dressing therefore sustains a certain self-image. Apart from the image that I wish to have for work, I take no great pleasure in fashion. On my free time I tend to wear blue jeans and collared shirts, but I avoid the most horrendous forms of casual dress (sandals, running shoes, wifebeater shirts, etc).


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