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Why in the photos there isn't a face?

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:icon_scratch:It is a nosense put photos withot a face. it is as photography without land. No?
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I've often wondered about this too. I participate in several other forums devoted to interests other than clothing (astronomy, motorcylces, cars) in which people routinely post photographs related to the subject matter and this is the only forum of that group in which people routinely blot or crop out their heads. It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other, it just seems odd that it would be so prevalent in this particular forum.

I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. If you're more comfortable hiding your face it's no big deal.
That's the way I feel and I hope I didn't imply differently. I just find it surprising that so many people do it in this forum. I go to a motorcycle forum and guys, or their wife/girlfriend, are proudly posing in front of the bike; or an astronomy forum and guys are proudly posing in front of their telescopes or home observatories; and so on.

Then I come here and it looks like some kind of witness protection program. I halfway expect to log on one day and see Andy's head cropped out in the header. :icon_smile_big:

Again, I don't think anyone is saying that folks must or should post pictures of their faces, that's up to each individual. I think some of us are just curious as to the reasons why people take that approach.

As for me, while I don't care to advertise to the world at large my identity, it doesn't bother me if someone I know sees my picture and recognizes me. And let's face it, the only people who can identify me from my picture are people that I already know. A total stranger who happens to see my picture on the internet isn't going to know who I am.

Besides, my picture, like many others here I'm sure, is already out there on the internet. Based on the jobs that many here have, it would be hard for me to believe that your pictures arent in your local newspapers on occasion, and most newspapers have online editions. Heck, several of the pictures that I have posted of myself here were copied directly from the online edition of a newspaper. I didn't take them or post them to the internet first.

I've also run across my picture several times on web sites where someone is posting pictures they took at this or that event. For example, several folks posted pictures on the internet that they took at a high school reunion that I recently attended. I didn't even know those pictures of me were out there in cyberspace.

To me it's one thing to identify yourself by telling the world your name, address, phone number, etc., and quite another to simply have a picture or two with no identifying information out there in cyberspace. Like I said, many probably already have pictures out there and just don't know it. :icon_smile:

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Because most people would rather not be obnoxious Cruisers.

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