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Why in the photos there isn't a face?

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:icon_scratch:It is a nosense put photos withot a face. it is as photography without land. No?
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Considering that most people here like to opine without posting photos at all, I think there's only so much room for criticism.
Beresford does a good job summing it up, and makes a good point about the fact that almost no one uses his real name here. I think the forums sometimes lull us into a false sense of security/e-friendship. This often pops up in buying and selling transactions elsewhere -- "I thought I could trust him because ... " But the bottom line is that anyone can access the forums, and, as has been pointed out, information is uncontainable on the Internet.

Would you invite a random AAer into your home? I wouldn't dream of it. So why would I offer up my picture and, in essence, trust every single person who comes along with my identity? Props to those brave souls who feel comfortable doing so, but I'm not one of them.

I think this is caution to the extreme. It's a snapshot for Christ's sake.

(I've seen your body shots. They've all looked real good. But you're a mannequin to me. And as such your clothes have lost their personality.)
Eh, my real-life look wouldn't play that well here anyway. You're better off with the mannequin.

My position probably is caution to the extreme. But I can think of one poster right off who regretted being so forward with his personal details here on AA and has since gone to significant lengths to purge some of the information. There are some weird people online, and more than one has passed through our hallowed forum.

Frankly, I don't see why everyone is so fixated on faces. Clothes are clothes. And whether I have a winning smile or a troll-like nose doesn't affect that.
To me it's one thing to identify yourself by telling the world your name, address, phone number, etc., and quite another to simply have a picture or two with no identifying information out there in cyberspace. Like I said, many probably already have pictures out there and just don't know it. :icon_smile:
There are pics of me on the Web, so I'm not entirely paranoid. I just want to be able to choose, more or less, what is associated with those images. As Hector notes, having an interest in nice clothing is seen as odd in many quarters these days, and spending time talking about it/posting pictures online would be seen as even odder. I don't natter on about clothing in real life, and wouldn't dream of discussing, say, the comparative cost of high-end shoes with other people. I chat here only because it's a gathering of like-minded people. Most outside our small sphere, however, simply would not understand.
1 - 5 of 64 Posts
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