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I have to admit that I like the look of a white suit and white dress shoes, and I understand that that they're inappropriate for many occasions.

The Paul Stuart online catalog shows several models wearing white shoes with suits and blazers....really quite striking, and other catalogs this summer are selling white shoes. I recently purchased a pair of white laceup shoes from Brooks Brothers (made by Peal and Co.), and I love the look with a white suit I have.

I think the white suit is amazingly versatile, as white is the ultimate neutral color. I also believe that the best ties have a bit of white in them, which also accents the suit. One of my favorite looks is a narrow navy and white striped tab collar shirt with white collar and cuffs and navy and white striped tie with the white suit. To me, it's bold (due to the white), but with navy being the other color, still conservative.

Does anyone else appreciate the look of white suits and shoes, and as I have read with articles on line, does anyone think they're on their way "back"? (Not that they'd be plentiful, just more widely accepted than in years past...)
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