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white herringbone dress shirt with point collar

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Where can a white dress shirt be found with the following features under $150?
  • herringbone weave
  • barrel cuffs
  • point collar
I checked CTShirts, Brooks Brothers, Kamakura, and even Eton with no luck. Why is this combination so hard to find - is it some kind of faux pas? I'm looking for a pointed collar because I have a beard and round face.
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I honestly have never understood the notion of wearing a particular collar if one has a particular shape to his face or a beard. A medium spread collar, I argue, looks good >90% of the time.
I think you are correct on 90 pct of people. I think there are some outliers - people with particularly long thin faces or very round faces where it might matter. However, I am firmly convinced that long necks need a longer higher collar (that's me). I didn't really get the collar thing until I started buying bespoke shirts and was fitted by someone who really knows his shirts.
That's a good point about the length of the neck.

Just curious, can a shirt constructed with a higher collar have a medium spread? In other words, is it possible to have a higher collar and yet still be able to select between the variety of spreads?
Probably all but the widest spread would look fine.
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