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Whit Shirts

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Are white shirts now back in fashion? It seems that NBC newscasters are wearing them and now the Democatic candidates are only wearing them.
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I agree that white shirts were never out. Most men look good in them, and I find them an indispensable item in one's clothing vocabulary. They also go with anything and everything, and help the wearer appear dignified and solid. They are typically acceptable to all. I suspect it's those last qualities that are sought by the pols' image consultants.
As the saying goes....You can never have too many white shirts. Politicians wear white shirts alot as they are more conservative and go well with the red or blue tie that they like to wear. Also TV newsmen wear white as it is classic and looks good w/the dark suits that they are required to wear. I don't know about nationally but locally KNBC here in LA has required their TV newscasters to wear dark colored suits or sportcoats. Light colors don't show up too well on TV. The Bright lights from the set bleach them out. White works well on TV as does light blue. Stripes or checks don't come out well even on HD TV's.
Once-upon-a-time, white shirts were verboten on TV because the cameras used would depict mainly glare.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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