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Which LE OCBDs?

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I have recently taken up a second residence and find myself in desperate need of more OCBDs. To this point my collection has been largely jigsawed together so I am unsure exactly what I have. I have a number of LE OCBDs, some I like some I dispise. Those which I don't like are mostly because they don't iron up very well or stay looking nice throughout the day. I realize for $30 I will not be quite as satisfied with these as my Brooks OCBDs but I need several and am not prepared to drop $$$ for what I want at B2 at the moment. I've read a number of threads about LE OCBDs, I am asking for links to specific LE OCBDs that members can recommend. I prefer non-iron but am open to all recommendations. I work in banking so I touch-up or iron all my shirts so they look sharp.

thanks all,
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If there's a BB outlet nearby, just go and pick up some of their must-iron OCBDs. They're actually pretty nice for the price and don't really need ironing either (and they stay nice all day)
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