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Which LE OCBDs?

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I have recently taken up a second residence and find myself in desperate need of more OCBDs. To this point my collection has been largely jigsawed together so I am unsure exactly what I have. I have a number of LE OCBDs, some I like some I dispise. Those which I don't like are mostly because they don't iron up very well or stay looking nice throughout the day. I realize for $30 I will not be quite as satisfied with these as my Brooks OCBDs but I need several and am not prepared to drop $$$ for what I want at B2 at the moment. I've read a number of threads about LE OCBDs, I am asking for links to specific LE OCBDs that members can recommend. I prefer non-iron but am open to all recommendations. I work in banking so I touch-up or iron all my shirts so they look sharp.

thanks all,
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Trust me I'm not helpless, I just want to avoid mis-steps I've made in the past regarding LE shirts. The problem is, the LE shirts I do have came from one of their outlets. As a result, I do not have any information on which line they came from.

In particular, the reason I dont like several of the shirts I have from LE is their propensity to wrinkle. Not only are they fairly difficult to iron they dont stay looking nice very long. In contrast are some of my regular cotton - OCBD & non-OCBD - shirts. They iron up well, hold a crease, and dont look like hell by 8am from the seat belt.

The OCBDs from LE that I dont like seem to be more casual. Although they are exact sized they dont seem meant to be ironed. They seem more at home straight from the dryer with jeans or khakis. No for work wear. That is what I am trying to aviod.
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Congrats! This is the most stunningly lazy forum post of the entire internet. I hope the DIGG effect doesn't crash this site's server. You're a star!
I thought that old fashioned values were at the heart of Trad. Don't you remember what your mother said, 'if you can't find something nice to say choose to say nothing.' Quite honestly am taken aback by your comment Fop.

I've spent an hour or better looking at the LE site and used the search function here extensively before starting a new thread. LE OCBDs have been a frequent topic so I thought I could learn from the board's experience in this regard. Because my experience with LE has been, at times, frustrating I hoped to avoid a repeat. Instead I find myself frustrated in another way. I don't know what else to say.
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