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My wife and our daughters used a tool called a flatiron to straighten their hair, as they deemed it to be necessary. It's a styling tool that is perhaps 15 inches in length with what appear to be ceramic plates that are heated and clamped around small sections of your hair, as you pull the tool down the length of your hair. With the haircut showcased in my avatar picture to the left of this post, clearly I don't have much use for one. LOL. ;)

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I do try to be helpful.

First, I have short "Ivy Style" hair (my barber uses a #2 guard on the sides/back and sort of "#3 guard equivalent" scissor work on top.)

If I were going to a party or the symphony or something where I wanted to step the hair up a notch, I would apply some Aveda Pure-formance Grooming Clay for some extra control. Still the classic Ivy Style, but a bit more "slicked" and straight with a razor-precise side part (courtesy of the hair product).

I like the Aveda clay because it's sort of "dry" and gives a more matte sheen (or rather lack of sheen), it has a nice scent, and it washes out easily.

Many years ago, when I had longer hair, and I wanted a slicked-back, straight look (bear with me, this was the 90s), I preferred Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme; it confers a lot of hold, but doesn't create "helmet hair" like a gel does. It's still soft and pliable (ie. like hair.)

I was always too lazy (or busy, depending on your perspective) to fuss with blowdryers or things like that, so I preferred styles and products where I could hop from the shower, towel off, apply product, comb, and call it done.

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