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All the ties would be OK, but I tend to like #3, and #4 better with gray suits, and cordovan shoes.

If the interview will be after Easter, or it's above 85 degrees outside, I like the powder blue with white stripe, as this will be a breath of fresh air in the interview and look appropriate.

However, if the interview is next week, or tomorrow, I'd go with #1, as it is conservative, and safe. It's not memorable, and that's what you want in an interview, as stylesnob said-you want them to remember you, not your tie.

If the green stripe tie has a black stripe in it-(at first I thought it was navy, but on my screen it looks black), definitely stay with the black shoes/belt, if you are interviewing for any kind of financial job. Academic, art, music, or health care will be good for browns, but black is safe.
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