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A few years ago I was seeing this Chinese woman woman was in the midst of a divorce (Chinese husband). Anyway she wanted to have her father ( a chef) fix me dinner. I go to the house and find the table covered in very labor intensive Chinese foods-chicken feet-fish heads etc. I picked at the food to be polite and I hear the husband tell something to his wife in Cantonese. She told me that he didn't think I liked the traditional food and wanted her to send out for something more "American". That just blew me away-he'd done so much work and was willing to send out just to please some picking eating white devil. He was so nice about it. Long story short-I cowboy ed up and began eating and complementing everything with both hands.

He died a couple of years later and sometime after that I was talking with the mom. She said this amazing thing. In 43 years of marriage, he'd never allowed her to wash his shorts. Even though she worked 7 days a week and was no delicate flower, he wasn't going to ask her to wash his dirty underwear.

I'd call him a gentleman.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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