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Right now I have a job selling clothes and this forum has been a tremendous help but I'm starting to look into brand specifics. Here comes the bad part, I work at Macy's in a "casual" town. I know what we have in the men's department but most of our brands aren't discussed much on here. So as a mostly ignorant department store salesman I'm asking the forum to improve a Macy's.

What is the difference between a $595 Calvin Klein suit, $550 Ralph Lauren suit or $425 Jones NY suit (perpetually 30-50% off). I'm not even going to touch the alfani suits. I know the RL is going to be more of a sack cut while the Jones and CK are more tapered but other than that I'm just going by chest and length. Or even the real difference between Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Geophery Beene, Nautica and Eagle shirts which is all of our non "macy's exclusive" mens shirts.

We have product information guides that talk about contemporary vs traditional styles of different brands but very little about construction and fabric which seems more important.

Depending on the response I'll ask about pants and ties but lets start small.
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