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The CK and RL were being done in Canada, all fused, but are being shifted to China. I don't know if they have started already, but I know that the factory in China is at least experimenting with half-canvas construction for the CK (maybe RL too, don't know for sure). I know that factory group; Boss, Armani and Zegna have worked with them so they know what they are doing. Read up on the half-canvas construction so you can check your product to see if they have gone to the half-canvas yet.

Jones NY, Donald Trump, and the better part of Tasso Elba and Alfani are done by the same company; all fused construction, some out of Mexico and some out of Korea (maybe some out of Guatemala too, I don't remember) The goods produced in Korea are marginally better than the ones done in Mexico, but the company owns a fabric mill in Mexico which does some decent work (they also supply Z Zegna's fabric) so they eliminate a middle-man and can bring the goods in duty free under NAFTA; there is a value-for-money element involved because of this.

I'd be glad to hear of any corrections to this info if any of it is incorrect.
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