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Where to find a casual brown corduroy sports jacket?

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Seems like it's a pretty basic item, but I've struggled to find one of reasonable quality. Tried one from amazon, but the quality was poor. Brooks Brothers has one, but in a lighter brown. I'm looking for dark brown. I can spend up to around $200. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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How timely! Three days ago (as I reported in the Thrift Store Blues and Brags thread) I found an entire three-piece corduroy suit in a colour, a shade of chestnut, that had long eluded me, and in a conservative cut (not precisely Trad, but close). This was at the local Goodwill. The suit appeared to be NOS, unworn. You can take a look at my description in that thread if you like. I paid $15 for the entire suit. I'll wear it separately, not as a suit, but I love the look of chestnut corduroy jackets with grey flannels. The trousers will go well with odd jackets or navy blue blazers. The vest can also be used independently over a shirt, along with jeans or cotton trousers in a casual rig.
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