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Where can you buy a REAL Moccasin?

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This question comes in by way of an email message:

Back into my old boat shoes. Actually, it's time, I think to retire them.

I had noted that in recent iterations, Sperrys which had been moccasins, pretty much forever have gone to a new construction method.

The method: The uppers are folded under, stitched to the outsole (almost like a blakestitch) and then then the area in between the edges of the folded under leather have been attached by a piece of mesh fabric and then covered with a foam insole.

Externally, they don't appear any different. But, there's a totally different feel, almost like wearing a pair of athletic shoes rather than actual boat shoes.

Does any reader have a suggestion for a brand that still makes a real moccasin?


Can we help this gentleman out?
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+1 on Russels. Love my boots. Just be prepared to wait 6 months or more for custom made--but they often have a few in stock if you don't need custom.
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