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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a recent positive experience I had with the folks at Alden. Last year, in my eagerness to score my first pair of shell cordovan shoes, I picked up a pair of seconds through TSM - the Alden 990 plaintoe blucher in #8. I absolutely love this shoe but after a couple of wearings I quickly realized they were too loose. I probably should have gone down a 1/2 size in length and/or a width. Anyways, I managed to make them fit better by wearing two pairs of socks, but given how warm shell wears, that wasn't really ideal either.

I didn't like the idea of just putting some drugstore insoles in either. These were, after all, expensive shoes, and for whatever reason, I liked seeing the Alden insoles there when I put them on! I know that people have talked about having a shoe recrafted on a smaller last through Alden, but I wasn't willing to spend $135 on a practically new pair of shoes with no certainty that it would make a difference.

So I wrote to Alden and explained my dilemma. They quickly wrote back and asked me to send them my shoes and they would insert "slip innersoles," basically another layer on insole that would take up some of the excess volume. So I paid about $6.50 in postage (I live fairly close to the factory) and mailed them my shoes.

In one week, the shoes were back at my house. I paid Alden nothing for the work they did or the return shipping. And so far, the new insoles have really helped. While I still would be better off sizing down, they managed to make the shoes fit much better. I can wear them quite comfortably without any padding, tongue pads, etc.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone, because I have seen a fair number of posts about people buying shell shoes that turn out to be too big. this may not solve everyone's problems, but it's at least one solution worth considering.

And a huge thanks to the nice people at Alden for top notch customer service!
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