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The hangover thread, and the cigar thread made me think about this...What does everybody like to drink? Coctails? Wine/beer? Straight up?

I, myself, go for a well made old fashioned (Makers Mark, Blantons, Or Woodford soda please)...A nice champagne (Cristal or Grande Dame)...every now and then I'll cut loose and have a beer (Moretti La Rosa, Guiness, or Chimay)...but it's always nice to sit and relax with a nice Scotch (Royal Salute or Macallan 18) straight up (no ice)...Although I must admit, I've just recently been turned on to the wonders of Rum (Ron Zacapa Centennario) and I must admit, I find myself reaching for that bottle far more frequently than the Scotch lately...

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