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Their title suggestion and editing, but this is probably more appropriate for those over 60!

The Best Men's Style Tips
from Ask Andy About Clothes

Midlife can and should be the best years of our lives, but they can often fall short if we let life get in the way. To ensure they are the best, asked topic experts to share special advice on everything from healthy living to planning for retirement. Our experts' uplifting stories will inspire you to approach every situation with a Glass(es) Half Full mentality, so check back each month for more in this series for additional tips!

Andy Gilchrist is a style expert from Southern California, author of the book The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes, and owner and editor of the high-trafficking men's fashion site Ask Andy About Clothes.
After working in men's retail, Andy realized there was a need for a comfortable space in which men could ask their questions about style and fashion without feeling embarrassed. As a solution, Andy created his website! Ask Andy About Clothes continues to grow as more men take to the forums with their fashion conundrums.
We asked Andy to share his style knowledge with us by dishing out some expert advice of his own. Read on for Andy's fashion tips for men over 40!

Andy's Style Tips for Men Over 40
  1. Always look your best
Think clothes don't matter? Every time you leave the house or answer the door bell, dress as if you are headed for a potential job interview. This of course can be casual dress (but nice casual), since we're talking about going to the grocery store and running errands. You just never know who you might meet when you're out in public!
  1. Say no to "Dad Jeans"
The ubiquitous jeans do not look good on most people. Have you heard of "Mom Jeans?" Well, "Dad Jeans" look bad, too. Replace them with khakis for casual outfits and dress trousers for more formal occasions.
  1. Embrace your natural hair
Are you balding? Do you have grays? Bald looks best bald - just say no to combovers or wigs. Being bald is very masculine and actually has an appeal for the ladies. Gray also looks great and is much better than fake dark hair dye.
  1. Stylish socks
When you're wearing business attire or dressing up for formal events, make sure your socks match the color of your trousers.
  1. Hat rules
Always remove your hat or cap when you enter a building, when the National Anthem is playing, and especially when you're inside eating.
  1. Match your accessories
Belts and shoes should always match in color and fabric. For example, wear brown leather shoes with a brown leather belt.
  1. Button up, not down
Never button the bottom button of your suit, sport jacket, vest, or cardigan sweater.
  1. Fit trumps all
When you're picking out clothes, make sure what you wear is appropriate for the occasion and fits you well! Fit is the most important part of clothing. Inexpensive clothing, like a suit or jacket, can look just as great as its expensive counterpart if it's been tailored to fit you perfectly.
  1. Become a color and pattern expert
Different colors and patterns flatter and accentuate your body in different ways. Vertical stripes play up height and slenderize. Simple patterns or solids in dark colors also look slimming. On the other hand, bold patterns expand anything they wrap.
  1. Be careful with your billfold
Sitting on a bulky billfold can cause nerve and muscle damage that can lead to back pain. Clean out your billfold often. Carry two thin wallets in each of your front trouser pockets. You can even sort the important stuff like your driver's license, credit cards, and cash from the insignificant - and hand over the insignificant wallet if you ever get mugged!
Thank you to Andy for sharing his advice. You've inspired us to always look our best!