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G'day Peoples.

As you can all tell I am new to this forum, and am slowly poring my way through the old archived posts to glean insightfull information as to what how a proper gentleman should act, and what he should wear.

It is this second question that I am trying to address here, one that is how do I go about building up my wardrobe and most important, what do I buy first. I need everything, suits, shirts, shoes a hat, and a good umbrella. I am prepared to build up slowly and take my time, but really in what order ?

At the moment i have 1 ill fitting corperate blazer (which everyone at work complements me on anyway) a pair of almost worn out black shoes (docs), a pair of plain brown lace ups, and several shirts with the collar 1cm too big. I can currently spend about $100 AU a fortnight (I have a wife :p), and have been checking out the prices the local cobbler will charge for a pair of bespoke shoes, and also carlo francos and italylisa's ebay stores. I also fell in love with some of those monticristi hats.

If anyone has some insight or strategies that might help me dress better, then i would love to hear it

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