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What size shoe do you wear??

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I was sent the wrong size pair of shoes the other day by accident and I figured "no biggie, I am sure I can resell them to another client"...they are size 11D...well - I just discovered 11D is NOT a common size! I have always known 9 and 10 was pretty common (turns out 80% of my clients fit in that category)- but then I pretty much skip to 13 and other rather large sizes...I kind of thought there was a correlation between height and shoe size but now I am not so sure...soooo...that leads to my question...

How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear??
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5'10" 10.5E foot

EXACTLY the same size feet as my father (I have some of his bespoke shoes that feel like they were made for me). Actually other than me having an inch longer inseam and him having an inch longer arm we are exactly the same size (I guess my mother has a lot of recessive genes…)
I still think there is a direct correlation between height and foot size. Not many men under 6'0 tall will have size 11+ shoes. It's just out of proportion.

Weight is also a huge factor. I'm sure most here at 6'+ with a shoe size 13D or smaller weigh less than 210lbs. That's a guess.

My dad and I are the same height and shoe size. But my foot is wider because I weigh a lot more.

More than likely if your feet are wide you're heavier, not necessarily fat.
Oh, how boring; I thought this thread would've developed into something interesting by now
How does a thread about shoe size ever develop into something interesting? I digression into corns? A deep discussion on foot width in relation to length? :confused:
Shoe size 10.5AA - I and AE special makeups get along well.
5'8" tall with a 6' wingspan, aka knuckle dragger, positive ape factor...
5' 7" NBA 5' 10" :icon_smile_big:

8 1/2 D most of the time. Sometimes a 8 Wide or 8 1/2 Wide depending upon the shoe.
I'm 5' 9" and wear a 10.5 EEE
While I am 5'9 and 7.5EE on the branock.
6'0", 250 lbs (48" chest, 38" waist, 17/35 shirts), 13D in Aldens, 12E in something from Barneys New York that I wore today that I really need to stretch or something. Ouch!

7 5/8 hat. Ring size 11. Don't know my glove size, but XL fits very comfortably.

I feel like I'm registering for wedding presents at H. Stockton.
5'11", 9.5 D (or E, depending on the last). I find I have a fairly high instep. It's kind of a pain because my size seems very common - anytime higher-end shoes go on sale my size runs out first!
5ft 10.5"

Wear US 9 / UK 8. Dainty feet :-/
Since I wasn't smart enough to post this as a poll, who wants to chart all this info and report back?!?! :) (you never know unless you ask!)
6'2'' 11.5D
6'4" - usually 11.5D
170 lbs
9.5- 10.0 4EEEE
Finding shoes that fit is a lifetime quest
61 - 80 of 83 Posts
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