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What size shoe do you wear??

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I was sent the wrong size pair of shoes the other day by accident and I figured "no biggie, I am sure I can resell them to another client"...they are size 11D...well - I just discovered 11D is NOT a common size! I have always known 9 and 10 was pretty common (turns out 80% of my clients fit in that category)- but then I pretty much skip to 13 and other rather large sizes...I kind of thought there was a correlation between height and shoe size but now I am not so sure...soooo...that leads to my question...

How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear??
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US 11D, sometimes 10 1/2D or 11C. (A high arch means that although my feet are closer to a C in width, very seldom does a C fit.

I'm 5'10".
6'4" and i wear shoes sized 13-15. yes, you read correctly. different makers and different models cause me to wear different sizes.

9.5 D

You know what they say about guys with big feet right??

Yup, big shoes.
6'1 10.5B

Yeah, I have narrow feet..
I'm 5'9" and officially a 9C, but will often settle on an 8.5D.
I go about 6'3", and wear a 13D in many shoes (e.g. Clarks) - but in real shoes, AE - I wear a 12EEE, or a tad less.
6' even and an 11D in most shoes. I have "funny" shaped toes tho, and can actually fit into a 10.5 or sometimes even a 10 if its a square toe shoe (but don't own many square toed shoes)
I'm standing at 6' tall, on 9.5D bases! Oddly though, when buying my running shoes, I have to go to a size 11 to get a proper fit.
Like father, not like son...

I am 6' and wear a 13D. My father is 6'3" and wears a 9.5D. :icon_scratch:

Oh, and my maternal grandfather was 6'1" and wore a 16....I hope that gene doesn't pop out in any future daughters of mine... :icon_smile:
I´m 5'8'', shoe size 7,5 D.
I am actually finding this thread rather interesting...thank you for all the responses!!
5'6", 130lb, 8.5EE. Yep, short, skinny, with square feet....
I still think there is a direct correlation between height and foot size. Not many men under 6'0 tall will have size 11+ shoes. It's just out of proportion.

I am 5'10 and a 9E or wider if it's a narrow last.
6'4" and a 14D in dress shoes, size 15 in athletic shoes. I wore a 13 at age 13, a 14 at 14, and a 15 at 15. Thank God I stopped!
I'm 5"10 1/2" and I wear a 9.5B.
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