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What size shoe do you wear??

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I was sent the wrong size pair of shoes the other day by accident and I figured "no biggie, I am sure I can resell them to another client"...they are size 11D...well - I just discovered 11D is NOT a common size! I have always known 9 and 10 was pretty common (turns out 80% of my clients fit in that category)- but then I pretty much skip to 13 and other rather large sizes...I kind of thought there was a correlation between height and shoe size but now I am not so sure...soooo...that leads to my question...

How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear??
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6ft, size 10(UK), and it's good that you wrote "clients" and not "customers":icon_smile:

6 feet even, wear an 11D.
Go figure - I haven't come across ANYONE in days that is an 11 and the second response is an 11!
My father (may he rest in peace), was only 5'5" and wore an 11 4E!!
Holy smokes! On a positive, I bet he didn't have any balance problems!! ;)

Thanks for the medical input!
I wouldn't have thought 11D is all that uncommon. Many people I know have a larger size than that, usually 11.5-13 (assuming we're talking about men).
NO KIDDING!!! That is why I kept the shoes! I was hot to trot that I had a reason to reach out to all my clients - they are shell cordovan Aldens that are not that easy to get!
I was gong to post this same Q as a poll the other day but never did. It would be a good way to get a larger distribution sample.
That would have been a great idea...I have no idea how to set up a poll though! (I am still working on uploading pictures :))
I am actually finding this thread rather interesting...thank you for all the responses!!
Since I wasn't smart enough to post this as a poll, who wants to chart all this info and report back?!?! :) (you never know unless you ask!)
1 - 7 of 83 Posts
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