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I find most suits pretty hot and uncomfortable in the summer. Believe it or not London can get very hot and humid sometimes esp on the tubes and buses.

The 'coolest' suit I possess is an off the peg, unlined linen cream linen suit but this is too informal for many occasions and the shop that makes it (Marks and Spencer) no longer do my size.

I have tried and tried to get something similar but in a more formal colour/material by bespoke tailors and made to measure tailors but they all seem to tut in disbelief and say that such items are not proper tailoring. One even said that he refused to work with linen because it was, quote, 'sh*t'!

It seems that all bespoke/m2m suits have to have lots of canvas interlinings, chest paddings etc when all I need is some light shoulderpadding and a half lining at the back.

So what do people in REALLY hot countries wear and can anyone recommend tailors who will make this kind of thing?

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