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What is spring & summer jacket(s) as versatile as camel hair sportcoat in winter?

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Any suggestion? I have a couple of navy blazers and a Irish linen sportcoat. I'm thinking of acquiring one or two more jacket for warm season.
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Cotton in navy blue or even in a different colour, you could wear it from spring to early autumn. It looks smart to wear with wool trousers and then you can go casual with jeans.

If you want to stick with navy

Something like -

or a smarter option -

A grey option is more versatile then navy in my opinion and you should be something you should have in your rotation.

It may just me, but Americans tend to overbroad with the traditional navy blazer, I remember a post where someone claimed to own four.

Whatever you do, ensure both sportcoats not navy.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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