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What has happened to Charles Tyrwhitt?

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I write with great sadness. I have been a customer of Charles Tyrwhitt for over 25 years, but must regretfully announce that I have made my last purchase from them.

I used to buy all my business shirts from CT, usually white with double cufffs. Then around a year ago I learned they had discontinued my size. I didn’t think a 15 1/2 inch collar was too unusual, but apparently it’s very out of the way when combined with 35 inch sleeves and double cuffs. I was a little sad, but accepted. I looked elsewhere for formal shirts.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two casual shirts from CT. Long sleeves with button down collars. I was so disappointed. The quality has gone. One white twill shirt was really poor. I haven’t unpacked the other, but it looks no better.

What’s worse, they have stuck logos on the shirt breast: a lapwing or some similar bird. (Ihate logos and should admittedly have noticed them in the catalogue picture.)

To repeat, I’m really sad. Tyrwhitt was a decent, middle of the road outfitter that supplied reasonable quality goods at fair prices. Now it’s not. I will have to look elsewhere and pay higher prices. A small but important part of my life has left me.
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CT is on its 4th CEO since 2017... that may be a factor.

I mean, let the seat get warm, come on!

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