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I have been going to London for almost forty years and used to go to W.Bills woolen shop on New Bond Street every summer and have them make me up a new FairIsle sweater every year .
I would pick out the field of colours and leave it to the women up north that would handknit them the sweaters amd they would be delivered to San Francisco about three months later .
I have I had something like ten of them made over the years and to this day I still bring them out in the winter,mostly vests and a couple of cardigans ... You cant beat a handknit wool sweater .
I digress . I was down on Jermyn Street two years ago and thought I would go back to Bills and have them make me up a sewater .They are no longer . I asked all the local shirtnakers in the area and half of them didnt know what I was talking about ,the other half said the business folded a few years ago .
I am Yank,but an Anglophile in my heart .I remember the first time flying into Gatewick and taking the train into the city. This was early seventies ... WHAT HAPPENED TO ENGLAND ? Its not there anymore .It is like any city in the USA with a different accent and pounds in place of dollars . I feel for all the people that had never made it to the UK when it felt like England and another world away from the USA ...Now Harrods is a joke ... It sells the same things we have in San Francisco at twice the price ...
Why are you letting this happen to your country ? Dont look to the USA for guidance ... We are a mess ... Give England back to the ENGLISH if you get my gist ...
Kind Regards
Jake Gerber
Ps. An old tweed overcoat I bought thirty years ago on South Moulton Street .( Boy has this little walkway changed )
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