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I was in the Bloor St. Brooks Brother's last year in Toronto (bought a black watch flannel shirt), the store seemed ok as it was probably getting more floor traffic on weekends. The RBC Plaza location being dependent on the downtown office population which to be honest will never be returning 100% like it was in the before times felt off every time I was browsing compared to the before times. Also note Robert Jones just down the PATH is closing after a good run, the owner wants to retire but he catered to a different crowd.

Brooks Brothers could lean heavier on their casual offereings and sports jackets and less on suits but I don't see that happening. The Canadian site gives you a selection but not a deep one the thing is the last time I wore a suit was to a wedding last year and to be honest, I could have stood to have lost 20lb of COVID era weight gain and it would have fit better. I'm semi retired now and haven't worn a suit other than the aftermentioned wedding.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts