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What English shoe brand do you prefer?

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I wanted to get members opinions on what is their favorite english brand of shoes are. One could also say what english brand of shoes do you buy the most of.

I ask because I was on pediwear and really have no clue about the shoes they carry as far as being goodyear welted, good price to quality ratio, etc. There was quite a few shoes I like from Loake, Trickers, CJ, Grenson, and Alfred Sargent shoes. All shoes were in their top "line"
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1. Dr. Marten's (Now being made in England again by Solovair, most still made in China)
2. Loake - ultra-comfy on my feet

Those are the only English shoes I wear. Many of the other quality makes I either find uncomfortable or I don't like the look of.
Sargents for example always make me thing of 70s yearo ld retired army officers....very dated shoes!

However, when I'm rich I'm going to be myself a pair of Oxblood Cheaney brogues.

Running the house and summer estate in Sweden really takes its toll on one's wallet! :icon_smile_wink:

Thankfully I sold the old rambling pile in Ireland, so I don't have to worry about that anymore, and of course it raised a bit of capital.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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