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What English shoe brand do you prefer?

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I wanted to get members opinions on what is their favorite english brand of shoes are. One could also say what english brand of shoes do you buy the most of.

I ask because I was on pediwear and really have no clue about the shoes they carry as far as being goodyear welted, good price to quality ratio, etc. There was quite a few shoes I like from Loake, Trickers, CJ, Grenson, and Alfred Sargent shoes. All shoes were in their top "line"
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Great article. Thanks. Now Iam a huge fan of AE shoes due to how they are constructed for the price you pay. Do most of the english made shoes that sells compare equally to AE or better?
For me it is a matter of fit. My feet do not match most ready made shoes, even the expensive ones.

I have Edward Green, Lobb, Crockett and Jones, and Loak, shoes, as well as Alden and Allen Edmonds. Of these, the Edward Greens fit my feet better than any of the others. I am waiting for two pairs of bespoke Cleverley shoes. I selected this maker based on my experience with ready made shoes and what I read on Ask Andy about the various custom shoemakers. They all seem well made. The AE's seem clunky compared to the trimmer, or smarter, English shoes.

There is usually a winter EG sale. That is how I got started down the slippery slope of English shoes. Both pairs of Lobbs were ebay finds. They are quite good looking, although a tad too tight in the pinky toe area for serious walking. You might request a catalog from EG as this would give you a sense of the styles. Cleverley has a new catalog that shows their custom and ready made shoes to good advantage. It would also be generally helpful in illustrating the range of shoe possibilities.

The Jcusey link provided by Medwards is extremely helpful. I include my own information as encouragement to another beginner.

Good luck


PS: I have tried on the Cleverleys prior to the attachment of their soles. They are beautiful. I can hardly wait till the are done and I can wear them. The shoes are light, trim, and as Mr Glasgow puts it, very smart, even when made for my feet. I anticipate additional Cleverleys.
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