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This forum has opened up a whole new line of thought for me. I'm looking at all my clothes style in a new light, and now particularly shoes. I've got about 10 pairs of fairly ordinary no-brand shoes in my wardrobe, and a couple of them even seemed quite nice until I learnt more about shoes here!

But I really need to move up a few notches.

Among my meagre collection I have a couple pairs of Italian Pitti slip-ons in brown and black, and a pair of Robert Hannah laceups. I have no idea whether these names are good or not, but in common with all leather sole shoes I've owned, the Pitti's make ordinary walking a chore. In the wet the sole gets soaked through to my feet. In the dry, the soles wear away fast on the pavement.

I don't do too much legwork... just from the car park to the store, but even this seems too much for delicate leather soles. However, they breathe tremendously well, unlike the black Hush Puppies with their leather uppers and plastic soles that I use as a dress shoe--but which make my feet very hot.

From the huge selection of shoe names that I see reading back through all the posts, I can't find a brand as a recommended good buy. I already know that the Italians and English produce the best shoes... but where can I start?

What would someone recommend for a couple of brands that weren't obscenely expensive or exotic, but were of obvious quality? I guess I should add that it would be good to have a timeless design - no strange shapes - and I'm looking for laceups.

And something that I wouldn't have to travel to Italy to buy!

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