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What Do You Look For When You Buy a New Car? (You Can Vote For More Than One Option)

  • Looks, Design

    Votes: 15 62.5%
  • Performance

    Votes: 13 54.2%
  • Mileage

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • Reviews / Reliability Reports

    Votes: 13 54.2%
  • Price

    Votes: 12 50.0%
  • Size

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • Service

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • Brand

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • Safety

    Votes: 6 25.0%

What Do You Look For When You Buy a Car?

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I'm starting to shop for a new one, so I thought I'd ask folks here what traits they look for in a new motorcar themselves.

Thanks for your input!

Kind Regards,

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Don't buy more than you can afford.

The wisest words I've heard are to buy what you love, because it will need work eventually and you won't mind as much if you love the car.

For me that means nimble handling and three pedals. I've owned German cars, and abandoned their extensive expensive upkeep. Of course if you just want a driving appliance, there's always the Camry.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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