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I finally decided and have purchased my prom outfit. I am 18 years old and this is my high school senior prom. Here's the run down. Any commentary/feedback would be appreciated.

-suit: Black, five button, pinstripe with a 1 3/4 inch cuff. I took it to my tailor so it has a nice shape and fits me well. I had brace buttons put in, as well.

-shirt: white, spread color, french cuff, white on white horizontal stripes.

-shoes: black, handmade, Italian, lizard

-tie: black and white vertical stripes (thicker than the ones on the suit) with a red flower on it to match my date's dress.

-pocket square: solid red. I had it made out of the same material as my date's dress.

-cuff links: silver Ferragamo. (a logo link)

-glasses: silver, Ferragamo, rimless, rectangular shaped lens, prescription

-braces: black and silver striped Trafalgar.

-socks: plain black

How did I do?
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